Jack Harvey Formula 3 Driver Portrait

Press days are great things, they give you the opportunity to produce something a bit different from the norm, its also one of the few times when drivers aren’t rushing around (to much) and with a bit of organising you can have the opertunity to produce some decent portraits. As luck would have it Jakob Ebery had already organised a portrait session for all the drivers so I cheekily tagged along.

These things tend to fly by no one wants to hang around longer than they have  and its realistically 1/2 minuets per person before your moving onto the next one, so you have to have a game plan and you have to keep it simple.

A quick look behind the scene’s this is how the set up looked once we’d finished a a few things moved around over the course of the shoot but it gives you a pretty good idea, a quick and easy three light set up.

Behind the scenes Motorsport Photographer dom Romney

For those that are wondering yes that is in the back of a pit garage, the small background isn’t ideal but it’s easy to transport and means that I can shoot in some pretty small rooms, to get round the width issue I shoot with long lenses which allow me to compress the background nicely.

Not going to fill this post up with lots of images as they are all pretty similar

Yann Cunha F3 Racing Driver Portraits
Kevin MAGNUSSEN F3 Driver

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