Triathlete sports portrait

Meaning: sportstrait is a termed coined to discribe a portrait of a sports person.

Its middle of summer its 5.30 am and I’m stood up to  my waste in a surprisingly warm lake. I do sometimes question my methods but I can’t deny the light at this time of the morning is frankly amazing!

Lake at dawn
Now every one knows that electronics and water don’t mix so to protect my flashes agaisnt the water I built an enclosure for them (see flash in a box for more details) however I wanted to make sure that they could still communicate ok so I did a quick range test on dry land

waterproof flashgun

All worked fine from quite a distance, way further than  I was ever going to need and I thought I was good to go. So in we jumped everything set up and we clicked off the first frame.

Instantly I assumed it was a pocketwizard problem but no, numbnutts me had turned the transmitter off a flick of a switch and we were back in business!!

I had some what of a issue with my flashes being encased in a plastic tomb and floating around in a lake made them some what difficult to be able to adjust my settings however working with the Pocketwizard Flex and Mini system gave me the ability to dial up and down my flashes with out having to leave my shooting position, which made zoning in the flashes so much easier!

A few frames later and the lights are dialled in.

Triathelete rises from the water
Also notice how quickly the ambient light is changing, probably at most 5 minutes between the two above frames and the sky really has come alive with colour.

Sports Photographer
as an interesting aside  the orginal image design looked a little something like this

I didn’t even get the settings zero’d in before the client had dismissed the framing, just goes to show that even the most organised pre production shoots never go quite to plan.

As a final frame I nocked the White balance  down to really blue out the water and created this.

It was about 7 am by the time we finished and headed off to find breakfast, there is nothing like getting your days work done before breakfast!.