• May 3rd, 2013

What had to be by far the most enjoyable trip last year for me was Joining Landrover at Pikes Peak  as they attempted to set a new record for the fastest production up the hallowed mountain.

For the uninitiated Pikes peak is the highest paved road in America, and currently stands as the second oldest motor race in america,  for nearly 100 years racers have lined up at the very base of the 12.42 mile course , ready to push man and machine to the very limit through its 156 turns and over 6,000ft of elevation change.

The summit is airless and unforgiving, an ill planned quick walk can see you stumbling to you knees fighting for breath in the low oxygen atmosphere. After a couple of hours working at 15,000 ft you really start to feel the lack of oxygen , simple mental tasks like working out hyper focal distance become laboured and challenging.

It is a truly unique motor race that pitches those daring enough to tackle it against the might of the Rocky mountains.


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